The Realm of the Mighty Satireknight

There are many books out there.

Books filled with naked ripoffs, horrible protagonists, obvious self-inserts, plotless horrors and villains who are more likable than the “heroes.” Books that know no shame. Books of blinding cheesiness. Books that will fill your soul with the wrenching cosmic horror of the abyss.

(Movies too, actually…)

Welcome to my personal site for snarking, sporkings and general detailed eviscerations of books I truly and passionately hate. Below are the authors I focus my energies on, but there are also some miscellaneous books that I work on, and some possibilities for the future.

You can find me on Tumblr, on Facebook, on Twitter and via email. Just don’t be a dick, please. Additionally, you can find the sister sites to this one – which will be updated identically and have the same content – on Google Sites and Wikia.


Newest Updates

June 21st: Well, I’m dipping my toe back into visual reviews, so here’s my vlog on Alice Through the Looking Glass.

June 7th: At long last, it’s time to finish up Anne Rice’s one and only (to my knowledge) short story: The Master of Rampling Gate Part 3. Will the vacuous heroine live happily ever after with the effeminate vampire? What happened to the blind housekeeper? And will this story actually turn out worse than Twilight?

June 1st: So we’ve been introduced to the evil and stupid aliens… so now let’s get to know the so-called “hero” in Battlefield Earth Part 1 Chapter 2.

May 28: Clear I didn’t. So here are three at once: a romance worse than Twilight in The Master of Rampling Gate Part 2, and two new high fantasy chapters in The Dragonstone Chapter 21 and The Dragonstone Chapter 22.

May 8: Been a bit since I updated because… well, big school projects, and I hope to post more often this month. I’ve got a new Satireknight Snarks that might surprise you: Satireknight Rants – Marion Zimmer Bradley And Why I Hate Her.

April 19th: We’re launching full-bore into a shitty new book: the legendary Battlefield Earth Part 1 Chapter 1, which gives me a pretty good idea what the rest of this nebula of crap will involve. This chapter is at least nine Chars.

Also, I’ve finally managed to catch up on my old livejournal: http://satireknight.livejournal.com. So if you’re still on that platform, enjoy.

I’ve done a complete workover of my old blog, Citadel of Suckitude, now that I’m semi-literate in html and can post the whole thing instead of just a link. Pretty much all the material is now there. If you’re subscribed to google, you can sign up as a member of that blog so the newest ones will pop up on your dash. New chapters soon!


Welcome to Satireknight’s new site, people. I know I’ve been absent for a few years, partly due to personal circumstances, partly due to burnout, and partly due to wikispaces eating my site.

So I had to find new free sites that could best show off my snarks, and I had to find free storage for all the pictures I use in my snarks. Because I’m poor. Being sarcastic don’t pay. Maybe I should start a Patreon.

So yeah, I’mma back. I revised and added pics to some of my old stuff, added new links, created a couple new sections like Movie Snarks (for easier access to my movie stuff) and Miscellaneous Fiction (for fanfic snark and book snarks that are probably one-offs). I also have created a new contact page which will show you how to email me, or how to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. If you don’t want to check my site regularly, it’s a good way to know what I am doing and when there’s something new.

I also have two different sites now, just in case the services that be decide to eat one again. One is on GoogleSites and one is on WordPress. These will be updated simultaneously and identically to the best of my ability. I might even add a third, if I can find something that works.

And as for new content, behold: Satireknight Rants – The Top Ways Anita Blake Pisses Me Off!

Most Wanted List

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Terry Goodkind

Talia Gryphon

Laurell K. Hamilton

Dennis L. McKiernan

Stephenie Meyer

Christopher Paolini

Donita K. Paul

Anne Rice

Jim Theis



Other Things of Interest


Authorial Madness

Satireknight Specials

Links To Other Sources of Snark

Movie Snarks

Contact Satireknight



8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Because. 😀 Why not?


  2. Hi!

    I’m a fan who came to this site when I realised your Google Sites’ sporks don’t have images. (Minor detail, yeah, but the OMGSYMBOLISMWTFGENIUS!!1111 and various other pics make your snarkings so much better.)

    However, I don’t seem to be able to access your Twilight posts, because when I go to the SMeyer sub-page, none of the page titles have links in them. My various searches turn up nothing, too.

    Sorry, I know you’re still in the process of fine-tuning your sites after wikispaces flopped, but I was wondering if you could activate a sitemap widget or something, like the one you have on Google Sites?

    Thanks! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohmygosh, I thought your site and wonderful snark had vanished forever! So glad I found a link to your blog while I was trawling tumblr tags for Anita Blake wankery.

    Liked by 1 person

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