Patricia Kennealy-Morrison – FAQ 10

About the abortion. . .

Any questions whatsoever about the decision JIM AND I MADE TOGETHER to terminate our pregnancy are completely out of all bounds of decency and manners. They are cruel and vicious, they violate and offend in the extreme, and they will not be answered under any circumstances.

Okay, whatever your beliefs on abortion are, I agree that you should not pry into such matters.


I do want to point out that super-highlighted capitalized “Jim and I made together.” Yeah, I’ve read Strange Days, and by PKM’s own account, it wasn’t much of a joint decision. It seemed more like blackmail, with Morrison basically saying, “Well, you can have the kid if you want, but I refuse to have anything to do with it, and if you have it I’ll totally dump you” and manipulating her with descriptions of how empty and hollow a court victory for child support should be.

Frankly, it came across as PKM only agreeing to get an abortion because if she didn’t, he’d dump her ass.

This most profoundly private and excruciatingly painful of all personal matters is addressed in Strange Days as openly and completely as I ever intend to address it (and completely openly at that); if you feel your prurient curiosity simply has to know, go read about it there.

Well, I’m not gonna spork it. Just putting that out there. I shall summarize it, but no more.

Our decision not to become parents at that time (and almost certainly not ever) was a deeply intimate and agonizing choice made by my husband and myself under very particular adverse circumstances.

… and I know it comes across as bitchy to talk about this sort of thing on the subject of abortion, but again, in her own book it sure doesn’t seem like an “our decision,” but his decision to shirk responsibility and her decision to abort because she didn’t want to lose him.

And there is also some doubt about whether the child she was pregnant with was actually Jim Morrison’s, and that that was the real reason she didn’t have the baby.

I went public with our private ordeal, at considerable emotional cost, solely to clarify the historical record of Jim’s life and attest to the truth of our own.

Okay, I can understand the latter. But to be blunt, I don’t think the abortion really makes much of a ripple in Jim Morrison’s “historical record.”

ANYTHING MORE IS NO BUSINESS OF YOURS. And you have no right to ask me. As for those of you who have already pried into something that concerns you not in the tiniest degree: I hope you fry in hell for being so intrusive, insensitive, graceless and inhumanly cruel, and I am eternally thankful that our child was spared what Jim and I have had to endure over the past twenty-nine years from the likes of you. What part of that don’t you understand?


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