Patricia Kennealy-Morrison – FAQ 18

Besides your own, what books on Jim do you recommend?

I recommend none of them, because in my opinion they are all seriously flawed and faulted — by willful error, sloppy scholarship, macho pseudo-identification, honest ignorance, deliberate lies, envy, jealousy and gender hostility.

Yeah, ignore those stupid books by people who spent YEARS with Jim, like those stupid poopie-head bandmates of his! They’re all flawed! They wrote their books because they’re MEN! Men with PENISES, who are just jealous of me and hate me because I’m a woman! They all hate my Strong Smart Pagan Womanness! It’s the ONLY answer!

Nah, the real reason is because no book other than hers asserts that she was Jim Morrison’s main squeeze, and that Pamela was an evil leech who totally killed him. They all acknowledge that Pamela was his main girlfriend, and if Kennealy is mentioned at all, she’s merely a side-affair which was semi-serious but not as much as Pam. And they don’t tend to blame ANYONE for his death.

And yes, clearly that does include Morrison’s bandmates. Even though they spent years around Morrison, their recollections are “flawed” and they have no valuable insights, because Kennealy barely registered on their radar. I think only one of them actually mentions her in his biography, and it’s for exactly two lines.

But unlike my craven attackers, who foam at the mouth that you shouldn’t read my book —

Oh, I definitely think you should read her book. It’s hilarious. And slightly disturbing.

terrified that you might actually BELIEVE me, angry that I have put an end to their 25-year free ride, publicly busting them as veracity-challenged scumbags who have done nothing but hurt Jim and feed off Jim and cannibalize each other’s excremental lies

  1. 25-year free ride of… what? I’m confused.
  2. How does it hurt Jim for them to say stuff like “Pamela was his longtime girlfriend”?
  3. Oh wait, it hurts Kennealy when people say that, and she and the conveniently-dead Jim agree on everything.
  4. What lies would those be? She’s strangely unwilling to explain said lies.

I advise you to read all the books, and let your own heart and mind sort out the facts.

I did. That’s why I don’t believe all of her accounts.

There’s some truth in even the worst of them.

  1. Which is how I view HER book. There are some nuggets of truth and feeling in that sea of bombastic self-indulgent drivel.
  2. I doubt she thinks there’s much truth in Angels Dance and Angels Die, though. That one has “Pamela and Jim Morrison” on the cover, and so has earned Kennealy’s eternal wrath. Seriously. She wrote a whole page on her site blasting it and its author.
  3. Or Wild Child, which has been found to be pretty much 100% fiction, and kinda rips her off.

But when you have read them, consider in honesty whose Jim Morrison you would have liked more to have known — theirs or mine.

Theirs, honestly. Because a biography shouldn’t be about who you would LIKE the person to be, but how they actually WERE.

I’d rather know the ugly truth than a pretty lie.


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