Patricia Kennealy-Morrison – FAQ 19

Any Doorzoid online resources you feel like plugging?

The only one worth mentioning is (warning, loud, sudden Java ahead; don’t open this page if the boss is going to zap you for surfing at work) The Doors Quarterly, the oldest Doors fan club/fanzine extant, run by Rainer Moddemann–as far as I’m concerned, the only Doors fanzine in existence, and the only one to which I have so far given interviews and comments.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the entire reason why she’s promoting this fanzine. Basically it’s for three simple reasons:

  1. She’s contributed to it.
  2. She’s listed twice on the official page describing it, once as Morrison’s “dear wife.” Nuff zed.
  3. As far as I can tell, they never mention Pamela Courson at all.

Also,, which is a site for, you guessed it, American Legends, of which I am pleased to report Jim is one (I have an interview there, some of which is available on this site as well); but also the site is a trove of information about people like James Dean, Montgomery Clift and others.

Again, this is being judged not on the breadth or depth of information about Morrison, but the connection it has to PKM herself. She donated a few photographs to the site, is described as a “brilliant science fiction writer” and it’s stated that “Patricia and the Lizard King were married in a Celtic ceremony on June 24, 1970.”

And again, no mention of Pamela Courson except what Kennealy mentions herself, which is to accuse Courson yet again of murder.


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