Patricia Kennealy-Morrison – FAQ 39

Do you have to be pagan to read your books?

No more than you have to be Christian to enjoy singing Christmas carols, or Jewish to have fun watching Charlton Heston part the Red Sea every Easter… I like to think that there is much in my books that has relevance to any faith; in fact, the Irish Echo newspaper specifically praised me (in a review of The Oak Above the Kings) for never stooping to pagan propaganda or Christian-bashing. My faith strongly informs the books — how could it not, whatever faith I professed? — but it is merely presented as no big deal: This is what the Kelts believe, and this is how they practice it.

There is plainly something in it, or in my presentation of it, that powerfully appeals to people — Jim was by no means the only one my religion intrigues — since in almost every letter I get, for either the Keltiad or for Days, the writer seeks more information, or tells me how logical and tolerant and right paganism sounds, how much more appealing than organized mainstream religions. I send a reading list, if they ask for it, and that’s all. They’re on their own for the rest of it; just as we all were, once. At least these days they have a million times more resources than we had thirty years ago.


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