Patricia Kennealy-Morrison – FAQ 7

Why do you think people are so down on you and say such terrible things about you?

I don’t consider those creatures ‘people’, but, just for the sake of argument:

Yes, that will win many of the infidels over to your side. Say you don’t consider your critics “people.”

There are a lot of reasons — envy and jealousy and gender hostility chief among them —


Yeah, basically she thinks that if anyone dares to criticize her, or examines her claims, then they’re either jealous because they wanted to fuck Jim Morrison (I do not) or because they hate Strong Tough Independent Neopagan GoddessWomen!

That’s a pretty weak claim. Even if they are either, it doesn’t take away the actual criticisms and their points.

but mostly I would guess it’s simply because I’m alive, and talking, and writing, and can blow their slimy little fantasies right out of the water. Which I for one am very happy to do.

… what fantasies?

I assume this is part of her belief that the only reason anyone would actually believe that Pam was Jim’s main paramour is because you’re a pathetic 500 lb. loveless lifeless loser who probably lives in a doghouse and works as a door-to-door salesman of secondhand sex toys, and the only joy you get is vicariously living through Pam. Instead of, you know, just believing people who were there and knew both of them.

If Jim and Pamela were still alive, and I was the one who was dead, the same people who now trash me would be trashing them just as hard:

Only if he got a job on American Idol. Oh, Steven Tyler, must you degrade yourself so?

Jim for not living up to their fantasies and neediness and demands — gosh, just as they in fact did when he was alive! —

… and how did they do that?

And honestly, a rock star in his elder years doesn’t tend to be treated the same way as when he was young and wild. People tend to be kind of affectionate toward older rock stars, as long as they don’t go all Ronnie Wood and embarrass themselves with a teenager. Hell, some of them can still get away with that.

If Jim Morrison were still alive and still rocking out, probably people would be just as fond of him.

and Pam for being the none-too-tightly-wrapped ditz she was, dragging him down.

Sorry, but older rock wives don’t tend to be regarded so harshly by fans either. Unless she had broken up a marriage to get to Jim, they likely wouldn’t have a problem with her.

And they’d probably be romanticizing me as the sad doomed tragic lady who perished before her rightful place in Jim’s life could be given her…

More likely she’d be forgotten by those fans. At best, she’d be a footnote in rock history, one of the many women Jim had affairs with when he was young and wild. At most, she’d be embarrassing.

But they are dead, and because of that the morons and the vampires and the get-a-lifers can embroider and fantasize all they like; Jim and Pam can’t stop them or say otherwise. I, on the other hand, am not dead, and I can, and I do, and I will, as loudly and passionately and strongly as possible.

On the other hand, Jim and Pam being unable to stop people or say otherwise… also means that PKM can embroider and fantasize all she likes. Nobody can say with 100% certainty what Morrison did or did not say to her in private, so she can say whatever she likes about it.

The more the cretins object to me, the more power they give me:

… how?

The dogs yap, but the caravan moves on…

You know, this might be a valid response from someone who genuinely doesn’t care about what other people think, and only cares about the relationship she had.

But it’s pretty obvious PKM DOES care. Passionately. If she truly didn’t care about what her critics say or think, she wouldn’t have devoted most of her FAQ to declaiming the haterz and telling us how Jim Morrison DID SO love her better than Pamela. The knowledge of who and what she was to her lover would have been enough.

Once you’re in the public eye to the smallest degree, you can’t win, and you will only break your heart if you try.

So if you’re in the public eye, just scream abuse at your haterz! You can’t win anyway, and you shouldn’t try!

All you can do is make up your mind to tell the truth, and hope the right people will see it and sense it and know it.

And also hope they won’t see your previous interviews where you contradicted yourself, or alternative accounts by other people who were there.

And, I am here to tell you, the right people always do… Those are the ones I want.

Well, good for you. It must be nice to divide the entire world into Evil Jealous Haters and Wise Noble Admirers, with nobody in between and nobody who has any real criticisms.


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