Hit List

… Or, this is the plot that I didn’t bother to put in the LAST book

Anyone who read the shit-tastic Bullet knows that LKH flirted around with an actual plot, but then decided fuckit, I want to write about Anita working out, having orgies, having sex a lot, watching preschoolers dance and shooting the avatar of a dude that LKH hates because he refused to become her boytoy. The actual PLOT was reduced to a line or two at the end of the story, since LKH had apparently exhausted her “muse” by writing a lesbian sex scene.

So I’m assuming that this book is going to be an attempt to actually ADDRESS the stuff that LKH didn’t bother to include in that book. At least, once LKH has had Anita do about 1,382 pissing matches with the cops, angst for at least fifty pages, have sex a few times, and… oh who am I kidding? It’s yet more people wanting sex with Anita, racism, and hints that Anita will fuck Edward.

Also, since this is the Pacific Northwest, I was expecting at least one snotty nonsensical jab at Twilight. That would be funny from Jim Butcher, but not from an author who is actually WORSE than Smeyer. I was disappointed. In many ways.


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