Incubus Dreams

Incubus Dreams

or, Part 3 of Jumping The Shark

This is the book where the shark-jump was completed. It started in Narcissus in Chains, continued in Cerulean Sins,and finished in this ungodly mess.

Yes, this is the book where Anita’s transformation from uptight power-hungry whiny bitch to nymphomaniac power-hungry whiny bitch is completed, and any pretense of having plot instead of “Wet and tight! Wet and tight!” is thrown out the window. This is pretty much where Laurell K. Hamilton says, “Fuckit, people are willing to buy my masturbatory fantasies, so I’m not even going to PRETEND to write a good story. I’m just going to add more and more hot guys who want to fuck Anita.”

We are in serious shit.

  • Incubus Dreams Chapter 1
  • Incubus Dreams Chapter 2
  • Incubus Dreams Chapter 3
  • Incubus Dreams Chapter 4

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