Violations (Voy)

I mock The Murdered Sun, but at least it has a certain headslapping kitschy funniness.

Sadly, Violations is probably THE worst Trek novel I have ever forced myself to read – this is a novel that literally has NOTHING good about it. There is no action, giant gobs of technobabble, the characters are all OOC, the humor is as funny as an obese tapeworm, and by the time you figure out what the fucking plot is about, it’s over and nothing has really happened.

Here’s an idea of how dull this book is: imagine if you were reading a book about a bunch of people who make the mistake of driving through a scary-looking small town. Someone steals a vital part of their car engine. Then the rest of the novel is about demanding that the insurance company pony up and fix the damn thing, during which there is a power coup within the insurance company.

Yeah. It’s that boring.

By the by, Susan Wright apparently wrote a series of BDSM science fiction books. I’m not sure how to feel about that, because either the bondage sex would be the most tedious, excruciatingly technical sex EVER, or it would be a welcome distraction from everything else. In fact, I sort of wish there was some BDSM in THIS book, because at least I would know what was going on.


  • Violations – (VOY) Prologue
  • Violations – (VOY) Chapter 1
  • Violations – (VOY) Chapter 2
  • Violations – (VOY) Chapter 3

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