Life And Death Dedication

To all my wonderful friends and readers:

Give me more money!

Happy tenth anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since this all first got started. And yet, my little babies have turned into giant teenagers, so I can’t escape the truth.

Now they’re old enough to declare that dating way-older drug dealers is their business and not mine, because they’re older than their years!

Thank you for ten years of adventure beyond my wildest expectations for my life. I am a very prosaic kind of person, but my experience with this community of readers has made me believe—just a little bit—in magic.

It makes me believe in that too. Evil magic that involves sacrificing small animals.

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve created some new bonus material to add to your enjoyment of the world of Twilight. (In typical Stephenie Meyer form, the bonus material is actually longer than Twilight.)

Excuse me, I need to go to the liquor store to replenish my vodka stores.

You can re-read Twilight or start reading Life and Death by clicking the appropriate link below. I enjoyed revisiting Forks so very much, and I hope you have the same experience I did.

Really? I seem to remember her saying that it wasn’t a “positive” thing for her anymore, and she was totally done writing Twilight.

I guess she needs a new fleet of Volvos.