The Law of Nines

… or, I’m Recycling My First Book As An Urban Fantasy Deep Piece of Philosophical Literature That Is Totally Not Fantasy

Terry Goodkind tells everybody who will listen that this book is a standalone that can be appreciated separately from his Sword of Ayn Rand Truth series. Of course, this is the man who claims his series about magic, monsters, wizards and women who can brainwash you with a touch is not fantasy.

So guess what: you won’t have the faintest idea what’s going on in this book unless you’ve read at least a few of the Sword of Truth books. Of course, understanding it better doesn’t make it a less shitty book. This is a book where (again) Goodkind is desperately trying to let the masses know that communism is the biggest threat ever, no really, please believe him, and all those other threats like Middle-Eastern terrorism are just a smokescreen.

And how does he do this? By blatantly ripping off HIS OWN BOOKS.


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